Book an Appointment Online at Odenthal Law

Odenthal Law, LLC has partnered with Picktime to make appointment scheduling available to all clients online at

This convenient new feature allows clients to quickly and easily book an appointment or set up new consultation directly from our website. This system works for both in-person appointments and virtual appointments.

On the right side of every screen is a vertical button that says “Book Appointment.” Simply click the button and you are on your way to the Odenthal Law page at Picktime.

Available meetings times are listed and you simply will choose the time that’s right for you. After that, you will be asked to provide some basic details about your case,  your contact info, and your appointment will be scheduled in a matter of moments.


The online booking feature is now available on all versions of the Odenthal Law website, including versions designed for mobile devices.

A step-by-step instructional video has been created about how to schedule a meeting This video is included in this post, or you can watch the video on our YouTube channel at

Odenthal Law, LLC Launches Spanish Language Website

Desktop in Spanish

Odenthal Law, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of our Spanish language site. This site can be accessed by clicking the button in the upper left hand corner of our site label “Español.” You can also access the site directly at

Along with new site, Odenthal Law also released a spanish language video where attorney, Stan Odenthal discusses some of the practice areas of the firm. This video entitled “Introducción a Odenthal Law, LLC.” This video can be found on our Spanish language website or on our youtube channel and at

Keep an eye on our website. There will be more features coming soon as we continue to try to make more information available to our site visitors, and as we attempt to make the user experience even better.