practice Areas

our legal practice areas

Education and Workforce Legislation

Our team has extensive experience working with local, state, and federal partners in the areas of workforce-related legislation, regulations, and policies. This includes work and collaborations with local and state workforce boards.

United States Immigration Law

We assist in matters of U.S. immigration law for businesses and individuals, including short-term and long-term workforce planning. We are a comprehensive immigration firm that assists with employment-based and family-based cases.

Employment Discrimination

The Odenthal Law team has in-depth knowledge of federal and state employment discrimination laws. We can assist businesses in a full-range of legal matters associated with employment discrimination claims and human resources policies.

Nonprofits and Boards

We have extensive experience working with nonprofits and boards. Let us help you navigate the waters of launching your 501(c)(3) or help advise your organization on the numerous legal issues that face nonprofits on a daily basis.

Business and Workforce Strategy

Our team can help with full range of legal matters affecting businesses. We offer legal advice, workforce strategies, and other legal solutions to help your business grow and thrive while helping to ensure that your business stays legally compliant.

Administrative Law and Regulatory Compliance

We assist clients in administrative law matters related to local, state, or federal governmental units. We will help you ensure compliance with government regulations, policies, and laws.

What We Do…

  Odenthal Law represents businesses, individuals, and representative groups in government-related matters. We advise our clients and keep them up to date on various issues related to government policies, legislation, and regulations.